The main principle of the work by Nedvěd architekti studio is searching for new spatial concepts of architectural interiors and exteriors in both public and private sphere and emphasizing harmonic and complex relationship between the detail and the whole by means of chosen materials, lights and colors. We understand design and architecture as a story in which the vision of the author is interconnected with needs and desires of the clients.

Mgr.A. Jan Nedvěd (1973)
He studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague (Studio of Architecture, prof. Martin Rajniš). In 1996, he started to collaborate with Barbora Škorpilová; in 1999, they together founded the studio Mimolimit. For almost ten years, he was the partner of Mimolimit (1999 ? 2008). In 2008, he founded his own studio Nedvěd architekti.

selected realizations and projects:

Center Hornoměcholupská, Praha

villa Čerčany 2

design of a Gym for an Elementary school, Praha 5

Apartment Building Odborů, Praha

Residence Římská – R14

Exhibition Civilizovaná žena (Civilized Woman)

Interior of a Flat Mánesova, Prague

Reception Archouse (Bubenské nábřeží)
– Reconstruction of a Reception of an Admin. object
Interior of a Penthouse Prague

Project of a Villa Nad Spádem, Prague

Project of an Attic and Interiors Národní Dům, Smíchov, Prague
Reconstruction project of an Apartment House Římská, Praha 2
Interior of a Flat V Tower, Praha
Recreational Object made of Containers  – Re-Born

Apartment in Nice (France) – interior, project for recostruction
Dyje (Znojmo) – row houses project
Rozkoš (Průhonice) – row houses project
Design of an Apartment houses, Odolena voda
Design of a Pavilion of the Arctic, ZOO Prague

Interior of offices CAD engineering, Olomouc
Reconstruction project of an Apartment House, Řehořova, Prague 3
Reconstruction project of an Apartment House, Spytihněvova, Prague 2
Beef House bistro interior project

Multifunctional Object Spálená, Praha 1

Brač (Croatia) – residential apartments
Architectural design of „Buquoyové v Čechách“ exhibition (AJG Hluboká nad Vltavou)

Restaurant Café New One, Olomouc
Vision Park Karlín offices – interior competition
Zavadilova 32 villa, Prague – project for recostruction
Architectural design of Kupezky exibition for the Moravian Gallery in Brno
Architectural design of Z Prahy až do Buenos Aires.. exibition for UMPRUM, Prague

Interior of offices TP, Prague
Interior project of Apartments in Vienna
Project of an Apartment Building Gotthardská , Prague 6
Architectural design of Vlasta Vostřebalová Fischerová exibition for the Moravian Gallery in Brno

Design of Jiřího náměstí, Poděbrady
Design for the North Terraces, Hradec Králové – competition

Prague 4 new City Hall – interior
Na Kozinci villa, Prague (from 2008)
Architectural design of Milada Marešová exhibition for the West Bohemian Gallery in Pilsen

Villa Ladronka, Prague
Project of Villa Čerčany

Apartment in Vršovice, Prague – interior
Novodvorská square – project for recostruction

Prague 4 City Hall – interior of a historical building

Architectural design of Milada Marešová exhibition for the Moravian Gallery in Brno

co-author, credited by mimolimit: 

2007 – 2008
Interior of the office building, PPF Headquarter, Prague, Dejvice – 9.925m2

„Eclectic match“, exhibition of Mimolimit studio, Prague  – Czech Grand Design Award 2006

2005 -2009
Atletická villas residence project, Prague, Strahov

2005 – 2008
Perla hotel, Prague, Staré Město
Exterior and interior of Hilton hotel, Ulanbaatar, Mongolia – 25.000m2  In the process of realization

Expo Aichi 2005, Japan – design of the facade and the restaurant of the Czech pavilion

2003 – 2009
Prokopova Residence; Prague, Žižkov – residence building – 7.000m2

Interior of a Residence Belgická, Prague

Interior of the Holiday Inn hotel; Prague, Pankrác – 9.950m2  – The Best Hotel Project of the Year Award

Interior project of DDB Offices